Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new toys for everyone!

Yesterday was a big day... I bought a new car!! I had a break at lunch and literally went and bought a car! I have been looking for awhile, but I finally found what I wanted. It is a Mercedes ML 500, and I love it! Stella got a new carseat on Monday, it is the best thing ever to her to face forward. The first time we put her in it, she literally would not stop saying "tate-choo!!" (thank you) So we have really enjoyed cruising around in our new respective 'rides'! We crank up the kid's channel on sirius (hello, Hannah Montana!!) and jam out all over town. Oh yeah!! We cruised on over to Toys-r-us tonight with Addie and Anya and I got Stella a little shopping cart for her birthday... shhh don't tell her! I am sure it is the first of many birthday gifts I will be purchasing for her. I wonder if I could get her a mini mercedes go kart?? nah.


Amber said...

love both of the new rides!

AMoore46 said...

Taylor!! Stella is adorable! Love your blog!!!! I have joined the blogging world too~~ :)

Love your new car! You and Stella look stylin'!

amanda moore (schwerdtfeger)

AMoore46 said...

Yeah!!! You put us on your blog as "baby Moore" yeah!!!

That makes me smile!!!!

Kate said...

you guys need to "ride" over to my house and let me see those new wheels!!! love it!

Your favorite sister and Stella's favorite aunt, Cameron =) said...

Tay & Stella!
I love this whole blog!! I'm sorry I haven't commented on it before but I check it all the time!

Your new car is AMAZING and I can't wait to see my baby girl in that forward carseat! YAY! Alllllmost birthday time!! Is our queen bee ready?!

I love you guys more than anything! Talk to you soon!

PS - Its pretty cool to see that Stella likes wearing her stylin pink hoodie all the time! Love all the pictures of her in it! That makes me smile =)

Lynne Stinson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA...I'M SURE WE WILL SEE PROOF OF THE DAY, ON THE BLOG, SOMETIME SOON. I check this morning just to see if you posted pictures of birthday morning. Taylor, Yyour getting to be such a good blogger, but I guess that was expecting way too much, after all you have to live what you write about and show pictures of, and there isn't alway time to take the picture or wip out your computer. LOVE YOU GUYS!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Lynne Stinson said...

I sent my last comment as I was trying to head out the door...looks like my backspace button isn't working properly, I didn't have time to edit, and I posted it in the wrong spot. Just in case others read your comments they should know that I'm not a complete idiot.