Thursday, July 31, 2008

Al and Brett's Birthday

We went to Shogun on Friday to celebrate Taylor's dad and his brother's birthday. Stella was really into the cooking in front of her, until the guy tried to toss her some egg to catch in her mouth. She looked at me like, " he shouldn't throw food!" ha ha. Ms. Jan has been making funny faces with Stella, and now this is her favorite BIG smile, as you can see in the picture. I think she learned that smile from her daddy! She really knows how to ham it up. I am just glad she will smile at the camera now when I ask her to! Well, sometimes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Addie's LA Ink Birthday

So for Addie's birthday, we had a "tattoo" party. Parents got to sit outside and drink margaritas while the tinies ran around in the yard and did the Slip-n-slide. We had tons of yummy food and a fabulous cake from Rick's. There wasn't much left after the kids went for it! You can't tell by the pictures but there were tons of kiddos with temporary tattoos (applied by Addie's son Ezra). Apparently now they sell airbrush tattoo guns in the toy department at Wal-Mart. Who knew? Anyway, Stella got some rose thing on her arm, and I have an anchor.... and I have no idea how to get them off. Ideas, anyone?? And every time I say, "Stella, where is your tattoo?" She sticks her little arm out, twists it over and points to it. I think she is proud!! We had a ball!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm BACK!!

So.... I have been a terrible blogger for the past few weeks. I will admit that I am both lazy and busy during the summer, but I still have a good excuse. I lost my camera right after that last Swim Ranch post. I was devastated!! I tore the house apart looking for it, and Taylor was getting realllllllly tired of hearing me whine and moan about it. But yesterday at work my dad, mom, and Cameron came by the shop with a little surprise for me..... A NEW CAMERA!!! Love it!! It was the most fabulous gift! It is a Sony CyberShot 10.1! So I am back in action. I promise to do better with the posting. Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo Taylor

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swim Ranch

Stella and I have spent every morning this week out at the Swim Ranch. This girl loves the water! We learned how to get in and out of the pool, 1-2-3 SPLASH, how to float on our back, and how to kick (like dogpaddle). I actually think Stella is a better swimmer than me!! I am not a good swimmer at all. But there I was, in the pool with her! At this level, I can hang, but when it comes to jumping off of diving boards and swimming underwater, i'm out!! We are going to have to call in reinforcements. When Tay was about two they lived in Panama and his father, Al, was in the army. The guys he was training were too afraid to jump off of the high dive, so he called Tay's mom Kathy. She brought him up to the base, put his little water wings on him, and put him on the high dive. Tay jumped off and swam like a little fish! The guys were so embarrassed that a baby would do it but they wouldn't! Al got the guys off the high jump after that. So at least Stella has someone to learn from while I am in the shallow end!! xoxo