Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Bookworm

On Monday I went with Addie,Anya,Ezra, Leslie and her baby Avery to Baby Bookworm at the Fayetteville Public Library. It starts at 9:45 but we went early so we could have a coffee together at Arsaga's. I have never seen so many tinys around the same age all in one place! Everyone was sitting around this big room against the walls, and the babies ranged anywhere from five months to three years. The teacher came in and started singing songs, and everyone sang along and did arm motions to row row row your boat, itsy bitsy spider, head shoulders knees and toes, etc. All of the moms were really into it, too! I felt a little behind on the times... luckily, they pass out a sheet with all of the songs on it so you can "practice". Then she read a story, this week it was "stop kissing me!!" in honor of valentine's day, and all of the tinys were like little zombies walking to her when she started reading. It was so cute! Then they put a big tub of books in the middle of the room and the tinys go get them. Stella was right in the middle of it all~ she loves other people. She met lots of new friends! Can't wait till next time!!

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