Monday, June 29, 2009

Diving Board Jumper!

On Sunday we went to a friend's for a little swim and sun time!  Stella went to the lake with her Grammy and Grandpa earlier in the day, but she was still up for a swim.  She floated all over in her Dora ring and her water wings... by the way, those things are amazing!  Anyway, we had a great day!  Stella even jumped off the diving board for the first time!  Pretty impressive, since I don't even do that!  She is a little daredevil, just like her daddy!  Let's just hope they don't go rock climbing or kayaking anytime soon!  Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swim Ranch and saying goodbye to some friends....

Last week, our best friends Addie and Anya moved to Texas.  We have been very sad, but it has been for the best!  They are in an amazing place with a gorgeous river and a great little cottage, and they have family, which is great for Anya.   Needless to say, we will be lost without them here!  As you all who read my blog know, we do a lot of stuff together.... so we will just have to make some long road trips to meet up!  I had to wait awhile to post about it because it hurts my heart :(  But we know we will see them soon!! Love to my BFF and PIC!! ;) Miss you!

On Saturday, we started the Swim Ranch for the 2nd year.  We decided to do Saturday Water Babies because Stella got a little burned out going every day for a week straight... this way we can have it be a treat to go swimming instead of a chore.  She did really well at the swimming part... she can blow bubbles, kick, jump off the side, and get in and out easily.  What she didn't do so well at was following directions!! She decided that she was already a good swimmer, so she wanted to do it herself.  She also wanted to be the one chosen each time to be the 'example' with the teacher!  Stella was definitely the center of attention.  And when you give a child her very own website centered around her, why wouldn't she be?? I guess I don't blame her for thinking the world revolves around her!! All I can tell you is, my husband will be taking her to next week's lesson... mama will be relaxing!!