Monday, February 25, 2008

big girl food

Stella is officially off of formula! Yay! It is soooo easy to pour some organic milk from the fridge than to mix up that powdery mess... and I thought formula was easy! So that is done, next step- real food! Some of my friends with tinies around the same age have already had them on real food for awhile, but Stella was having nothing to do with it... to the point where if I put food up to her face she would shudder and cry! Well, we are taking baby steps. Today she ate banana, toast, and a little bit of egg, and for dinner she ate some cut up carrots and chicken!! It was her first 'big girl' meal. I guess she can't eat baby food forever, right?? I guess that's why they still sell applesauce and pudding for adults! Speaking of big kids, we went to see JUNO on Sunday and you would have thought that the 'big kids' were little kids in the arcade before the movie! The pink and blue guns were a really nice touch. P.S. Stella didn't make a peep the whole time! It was a miracle! I hope it lasts. I should knock on wood right now.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

new toys for everyone!

Yesterday was a big day... I bought a new car!! I had a break at lunch and literally went and bought a car! I have been looking for awhile, but I finally found what I wanted. It is a Mercedes ML 500, and I love it! Stella got a new carseat on Monday, it is the best thing ever to her to face forward. The first time we put her in it, she literally would not stop saying "tate-choo!!" (thank you) So we have really enjoyed cruising around in our new respective 'rides'! We crank up the kid's channel on sirius (hello, Hannah Montana!!) and jam out all over town. Oh yeah!! We cruised on over to Toys-r-us tonight with Addie and Anya and I got Stella a little shopping cart for her birthday... shhh don't tell her! I am sure it is the first of many birthday gifts I will be purchasing for her. I wonder if I could get her a mini mercedes go kart?? nah.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well today was a sweet day with the little bunny bear! Grammie (Taylor's mom) made Stella a Valentine's day dress that was soooooo cute! She went to Ms. Jan's and othey got valentines, cookies, and Ms. Jan took their pictures and put them in a magnetic frame for our refrigerator! She is so sweet. Then we were lazy (no romantic dinner here) and picked dinner up from the Diner Dash, Chicken Parmesan, yummy! Then we had chocolate cake, as you can see in the pictures! Taylor said it was his favorite valentine's day ever. I have to agree! The love I have for her makes me the happiest girl in the world!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Bookworm

On Monday I went with Addie,Anya,Ezra, Leslie and her baby Avery to Baby Bookworm at the Fayetteville Public Library. It starts at 9:45 but we went early so we could have a coffee together at Arsaga's. I have never seen so many tinys around the same age all in one place! Everyone was sitting around this big room against the walls, and the babies ranged anywhere from five months to three years. The teacher came in and started singing songs, and everyone sang along and did arm motions to row row row your boat, itsy bitsy spider, head shoulders knees and toes, etc. All of the moms were really into it, too! I felt a little behind on the times... luckily, they pass out a sheet with all of the songs on it so you can "practice". Then she read a story, this week it was "stop kissing me!!" in honor of valentine's day, and all of the tinys were like little zombies walking to her when she started reading. It was so cute! Then they put a big tub of books in the middle of the room and the tinys go get them. Stella was right in the middle of it all~ she loves other people. She met lots of new friends! Can't wait till next time!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

breakfast at the rollin' pin

Yesterday the tiny woke us up super early, so we decided to go have breakfast at the Rollin' Pin Cafe. It is right down the street and they have the best chocolate gravy ever (besides my momma's!) Stella had some bacon and pancake, and she loved it.... although most of it ended up on the floor and on her! OH WELL! I am getting over bronchitis and now Stella had a 103 fever last night, we just can't seem to get well in our house! So everyone watch out!! We had to miss Sean's band's CD release party, we were sad. But this little tiny has to get well! Maybe having the weekend to play and rest will help. If love could make her better, then she would never be sick with all of the people who love her.... but until then there is always baby Motrin!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

best buddies

I think what gets me through my weeks are the weekends. And spending the weekends with friends (and my family, of course!) There is nothing better than a few good friends to hang and relax with, and just pass the time. My friend Addie just told me that while she was showing my blog to her daughter Anya, she started pointing and squealing. She recognized her best buddy! We just had a playdate on Monday, and the girls rolled around on the floor and all over each other, giggling and squealing. They are really close in age, about five weeks apart, so everything that Stella does gives Addie a heads up on what's coming. The girls have hung out since they were born, so of course they are bff's... during their playdate they were pulled up next to each other and Stella reached over and grabbed Anya and gave her a big hug!! It was an awwwww moment for sure! We could've cried! Anyway, it proved to me that even if you are a tiny, friends make the world go round!!! Love to Addie and Anya!

fishin' in the dark

Just when I thought Taylor couldn't possibly pick up another hobby, he has! I think it was sometime around Christmas when he saw his dad and brother collecting gear that he realized he needed to get into fly fishing. So every weekend has been an adventure to some remote river with all of his buddies, catching brownies and rainbow trout. Last weekend they drove to the White River and didn't get there until 9 at night, and had to set up camp in the dark. They would never complain, they loved every minute of it! So now he has a new reason to collect gear and an excuse for guy time! And the garage becomes even more filled with rods, reels, waders, and who knows what else.... I try to stay out of there, that is Taylor's domain! He can't wait to get Stella her own vest and fly rod. Here are some pictures of daddy practicing and showing the Tiny some moves....

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Mommy Bloggers"

Well, i'll admit it. I have been a slacker. A mommy blogger slacker, that is. (I didn't even know how to turn that picture!) I wasn't sure anyone was really reading this blog, and so I let it slide, and the next thing I know, I am in trouble with a few other mommy bloggers that I won't mention here. So.... I am back! And better than ever. Thanks for the love, everyone! Ms. Jan said Stella took TWO steps today, big, decisive steps. Yay!! WHY do I want her to walk so bad? I don't know. I know once she does then I will never sit down again, but OH WELL! I love getting together with other mommies with tinys around the same age because it is nonstop comparing!! You know you do it with your friends.... Why do we love to make sure our baby wins? Because we want to confirm that we were right and our kid is the best, smartest, cutest!!! We nearly talk over each other making sure to let each other know the new stats on the little STAR that we are so lucky to parent! By the way, Stella says mama, daddy, hi, bye, uh-oh, and (my favorite) thank you! So yes, I may be bragging, but hey, can you blame me???