Saturday, February 9, 2008

breakfast at the rollin' pin

Yesterday the tiny woke us up super early, so we decided to go have breakfast at the Rollin' Pin Cafe. It is right down the street and they have the best chocolate gravy ever (besides my momma's!) Stella had some bacon and pancake, and she loved it.... although most of it ended up on the floor and on her! OH WELL! I am getting over bronchitis and now Stella had a 103 fever last night, we just can't seem to get well in our house! So everyone watch out!! We had to miss Sean's band's CD release party, we were sad. But this little tiny has to get well! Maybe having the weekend to play and rest will help. If love could make her better, then she would never be sick with all of the people who love her.... but until then there is always baby Motrin!!

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Kate said...

hey! will you email me the info about where you take stella again? thanks! :)(i keep losing it)