Monday, March 31, 2008

my daddy is a fisherman...


Yesterday we went to grammy's house and Stella was toddling around as usual, but she fell face first into the wood and metal coffee table! She was so upset! We were worried that she may have broken it, but the swelling went down pretty quick. Poor baby! Last Thursday we ran into Kate and Liza, Amber and Cy, and Meredith (and baby Cole Crews, coming soon!!) at U.S. Pizza, and we took a little pic. Stella and Liza were checking each other out! Liza also had some rockin leggings on. We need to get those tinies together more often!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter! We all kept saying, it's her first Easter but it is her second! I guess I am so used to everything being a first.... she really is growing up! She really liked her easter baskets, there were lots of plastic eggs (with nothing in them) and a few toys and treats. She had a beautiful pink dress that she got from Andrea that was perfect! She also got to ride a little pony. She wasn't even scared! We all ate til we were sick, but the food was so good! I have never seen Stella eat so much! By the way, she had her 12 month checkup today, she got a lot of shots and a lead test. She was 18 lbs, 14 oz and 28 inches. She did so good! So we went to Toys-R-Us and got her a treat for being so good... a dolly with really long hair to play with. Now maybe she will quit pulling mine out!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Suttons love Stinson Photography!

I think these pictures speak for themselves....
Thanks Chris!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy Bees

Sorry it has been so long! I have been so busy since Stella's bumblebee party that I haven't gotten to blog. I don't have too many birthday pics yet, but Chris Stinson came and took pictures so I should be getting those soon. The party was a success, so many people came to love on her!! We had all kinds of snacks, chick-fil-a and burgers, and we did cupcakes with bumblebees instead of a cake. We had a mini blow up jumpy thing in the backyard and a cotton candy machine (which was a big hit with the grown-ups) and to top it all off, Bob Marley videos and music the whole time! The kids got goodie bags with toys and snacks too. Stella got so many great things, like her silver sandals that squeak when she walks, and a hot pink pettiskirt that is DELICIOUS, a fancy nancy book, a radio flyer wagon, a collage of her and her buddy anya, oh and a David Yurman bracelet from chris and Lynne! wow! She is a lucky, lucky girl. Oh and to top it all off, she got a new car. Just kidding!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Birthday

Today is March 6th, and Stella turned one year old today! I made her the tutu she has on, and Chris and Lynne gave her the little Trumpette birthday cake hat. It was a good day.... she had a party at "school" with goodie bags, cupcakes and balloons, then we made spaghetti and had cake. Sugar overload! She was asleep by 7:30. We are saving all of our energy for Saturday's bumblebee party! By the way, my friend Addie sent flowers to me today, wishing me a happy "birth" day as well. What a treat! I guess in a way I did have a lot to do with it!! Thank you to everyone who has been around for Stella's first year. Love to everyone!