Monday, December 29, 2008


Uncle Brett and Harry came over tonight, along with Grammie and Grandpa to eat dinner.  Guess what we ate?? See previous post.  It was actually my first time to eat deer meat.  It was surprisingly good! Wow. I never thought I would say that.  Anyway, after dinner Brett and Harry went back into Taylor's "Man Cave" and started playing guitar and singing.  They sang Twinkle, Twinkle little Star to Stella, and then I recorded them playing ABC's and Stella sang, too. Enjoy! xoxo

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deer and Gnomes... Daddy's favorites

Daddy killed a "white tail buck deer munchin' on clover!" (in the words of Alabama) It was an 8 point buck!  He is over the moon.  

Well I don't know if it is a secret, but Taylor LOVES gnomes.  Really, really loves them.  They are hidden everywhere around our house. The other day, I was looking online to find a pattern to knit Stella a little gnome hat, but I couldn't find a good one.  We ended up watching The Golden Compass and I fell in love with Lyra's uber-chunky knit hat.  I had to have it!  So I whipped one up... I think it turned out pretty cute!  And it was way easy compared to a normal stocking cap.  Love it!  

I hope the deer picture didn't offend anyone... Tay was just so excited that I had to post it.  He had his dad and brothers come over to... um... clean it?  Gross.  Whatever makes them happy! Sorry, Bambi!  Stella saw it and kept saying, Reindeer!!  She didn't see anything gross, don't worry.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! xoxo

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We Suttons have had a busy few days! I am sitting at my mother-in-laws house, having a glass of wine and looking at all of the pictures I have taken from the last few days. Yesterday we were at my parent's house, where we got all kinds of goodies... Stella's favorite toys were Baby Alive and a stainless steel pots and pans set. She also got a lot of color wonder art supplies. Taylor got a touch screen GPS and I got a new Mac laptop. EEEKKKKKKKK! My plugged-in days are over. I will be free to blog wherever, whenever! So get ready! Well, if I can remember to. I have no excuses now! So then we got up this morning to do our presents. Stella got a Dora tent, an easel, and so many more presents that she actually got bored opening them. Seriously! My parents and Tay's parents also got together and ordered Stella a Little Tikes outdoor slide thing. She loved it! So we packed up the car and booked it to Grammie and Grandpa's for... guess what... MORE presents! (next year I am going to spread them out all week. This is rediculous!) She got Dance Time Brobee, a toy chainsaw from her Daddy, and lots of other goodies, including a picnic table! Now all we need is warm weather to use all of these outdoorsy toys! We have had a ball watching her open everything, but I am glad that it is all winding down. I need to go through and donate some old toys, because I have NO IDEA where I am going to put everything! Love to all of you! Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Away in a Manger

"the stars in the sky...."

Papa, Mimi and 'Aunt' Judy

Momma and Aunt Cameron

Stella just had her Christmas Program at school on Thursday night. The evening really started out as a fiasco! I rushed to get her after work, and had to take her home for dinner and change her clothes before we took her back to school for the performance. I had her all bundled up and ready... and my car wouldn't start!! I of course freaked out.... and Taylor locked his keys in the car at the school so he couldn't come get me. Of course!! So my dad rushed to pick us up. Then there was an accident at Mission and Crossover, which my dad completely drove right through. The cop was saying NO! NO! but he just kept driving. Hey, we have priorities! And Stella's opening night on Broadway (haha) was the #1 priority. The performance was quick... they brought the tinies out in the middle of the older kid's performance and they sang Away in a Manger twice. Stella even did the motions!! I put the video up, she is on it about halfway through the two minute video. It made me very proud and very emotional. It seems like yesterday she was my new baby, and now she is a Big Girl who is learning to be independent. I hope she always will need her momma, though!

if you want to watch this video, scroll to the bottom

and stop the music player first. Also, she is about

a minute into this video so feel free to fast forward.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tree Trimming Party

Sorry I have been a bad blogger.... we have been so busy with the holidays, blah blah blah... you know how it is! These pictures are from a Tree Trimming Party at Stella's school. It was the cutest thing.... all of the parents come and the tinies show off their rooms. Then you go from one classroom to the next, making ornaments (five in all). Every ten minutes or so, they rang a bell and everyone came into the main area, where they had a big tree set up. The pastor and his sons led everyone singing Christmas carols while the tinies would hang their ornaments on the tree, and do a little singing and dancing themselves. It was precious, the tinies are all so proud to show off their school and their friends. Needless to say, we didn't end up staying too long. It was a big night for a little girl!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


These pics are out of order... this is when we were trying to wake her up
right after her stitches


trying to calm her down before putting her under

in the waiting room before stitches... we had cleaned it up at this point

Well, last night was one of the worst nights of my life. Taylor has been out of town in Vail, so I have been by myself the last few nights. After I picked Stella up from school we went home and as soon as we got there, she went over to the fireplace and pulled on the newly-hung stockings. We don't have hooks, we had metal weights that sat on top of the mantel. SO... that thing came flying down and hit her right between the eye and her nose. She was hysterical and there was blood gushing everywhere, and all in her eye. I was freaking out. I called Taylor and he called everyone to come help me. I got her in the car and drove to the emergency room. When I got there, Brett was there waiting, and my mom, dad, and Cameron came, as well as Kathy, Al, and Addie and Lynne. Everyone was so worried. They could barely get her vitals, she was so upset. They finally got us a room and had to put all these probes on her and give her a shot to put her into 'twilight' sleep. It was the hardest thing to watch her fight going under. Dr. Holden gave her three teeny stitches by her eye and said she would heal up great, no eye problems at all. Thank God! I almost passed out when they were stitching.. I thought I could be tough for my baby but it all hit me at once. Then we had to wait for her to wake up... it was so sad, she was like a little rag doll. I honestly don't think she opened her eyes until 8 this morning. We ended up at the E.R. for 5 hours... it was a long, exhausting night. She is doing so good this morning, we are at home relaxing, coloring and snacking. Hopefully we will be back to normal again soon!! Thanks to everyone for checking on her... she is a very lucky girl to have so many people who love her!