Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Naked Spaghetti, Kat, and CROUP!

Me, Kat, and Addie

It is best to eat spaghetti outside.  And naked.  
Just hose them down afterwards!!

The picture below was us jumping and dancing for the girls.  I got a freaky "floating" effect and had to post it... too funny!

This week was a busy one, as usual!  On Wednesday one of my great friends, Kat, came to visit for a few days.  I hadn't seen her in over two years, and she had never  met Stella.  Those two loved each other!  If she went away for a minute, Stella would walk around saying, "Where's Kat? KAATTT!!" Miss Addie made her famous spaghetti at our house and the girls enjoyed it outside... thank goodness! Two toddlers and red sauce = huge mess!  But they ate like they hadn't eaten all week.  There is nothing better than seeing your baby scarf down some food!  I guess that's my old maternal instinct kickin' in.  On Friday, we had our friend Ricky (an awesome chef) cook us up some of his "native food" (New Orleans) Jambalaya. Yummy!  And WHOOO spicy!  I guess I have to get my Arkie tastebuds prepared next time.  It was Kathy, AKA Grammy's birthday!  We had so much fun!  We got her some peonies from Flora and a bench to sit out in her yard and watch Bessie the buffalo and her new baby, Blossom!  Saturday morning Stella woke up with a 102.4+ fever... and is still sick to this day.  We went to the doctor twice before she was finally diagnosed with croup.  It is the most pitiful thing!! Her cough sounds like a baby seal, and she can't sleep.  So of course, Taylor and I haven't slept either.  My eye was twitching all day today!! ha ha. I am going to try to get a few hours of shut eye before Stella wakes up again... sweet dreams!


Melissa said...

Poor Stella!... I hoe she gets to feeling better soon!

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

sounds like a fun weekend...sorry little stella is sick =( hope she gets better soon...have a wonderful rest of the week!

My name is Megan... said...

Sorry lil stella is sick..i hope she feels better soon!! smart idea with the dinner outside! LOVE your dress!


CROUP!?!?! Oh no! At least she had a little fun with the spaghetti before it got ugly! Hope you are sleeping better very soon!

Tara Gibson said...

kids and spaghetti! They get marinara all over the place! haha. I hope stella gets to feeling better!! See ya soon!!

Ashley said...

So freaking cute Taylor! I love all the pics!!!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures..but poor Stella!! I hope she is better soon!

brookie said...

hi honey,
brooke here! i really hate that we've lost touch.
i have been checking in with you and your beautiful family. you guys are just too great.i cannot believe how beautiful stella is (well actually i can!).
call me! i lost your number. i want to get together and let the kids play!
miss you; love you!