Monday, April 27, 2009

Charlie's 1st birthday!

The birthday boy!

I am getting these pictures up so late!  The Saturday before Easter was Charlie's first birthday!  My friends Jessica and Mark (Charlie's momma and daddy)  had a cowboy themed party at their house.  Note the AMAZING swingset/playhouse he got for his birthday!  Now that is going to be the gift that keeps on giving!  It was the most gorgeous day, and we all just hung out around the swingset, playing with the kiddos and drinking cold beer.  Sarah and Jared were there, and she had her amazing camera taking party pics.  Mimi Angela was so proud, too! Stella had so much fun, all weekend she kept saying, "Momma!  Charlie's party! Let's go!! Let's go!"


Jennifer Tschepikow said...

they are so stinkin cute! thats one awesome swingset too! =) hope youre having a wonderful week!

Sarah said...

So Fun!! I loved my braid! Thanks for always doing a great job!!

Jessica Hall said...

Those pics are so cute. Charlie said for Stella to come and play at his baby bachelor pad anytime!