Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hot Springs

This weekend we went down to Hot Springs to see some family and friends.  We stayed with Lee and Larry, and their daughter Dawn and our friend Rachel stayed there, too.  We saw our lovely friends, 
Taylor and Jerrick, too! She gave Stella some fancy high heels she made, see link! We didn't go to the races, but we did drink lots of wine and sweet tea vodka, and we enjoyed lots of homemade southern food courtesy of Lee.  We basically played cards and hung out.  Taylor C. and I got to go flea marketing all day Saturday... I found Stella a vintage velvet swing coat and I got some funky hatboxes and jewelry, not to mention an amazing leopard vintage jumpsuit!  Awesome!    On Sunday we spent some time with Tay's grandpa.  He is so sweet.... It was a great weekend catching up with my friends and family!  Love you guys!


Rachel said...

Those are some insanely cute heels!!! I am sure loves them and looks fab!!

BTW - check your link to Taylor and Jerrick - you are going to laugh out loud =)!


Looks like fun...and CUTE shoes!!!

Oh...and you will definitely have to teach me more about "sweet tea vodka"!! Sounds very interesting!

My name is Megan... said...

love the heels!! I want to try the sweat tea vodka!!!

Amber said...

Ok I need to know how to make the fancy high heels...Ella is going to have to have some! I love the stella is such a girly girl. So sweet!

Tara Gibson said...

those heels are ADORABLE!!!!!