Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stella's Favorite Things

L.A.M.B shoes from Bella Jacks. The cutest! And they stay on, even when you buy them big, so they last a lot longer. And they are so Fancy! I hate tennis shoes but Stella can't exactly wear heels on the playground, now can she?

She loves this book because it is interactive. The original and still the best!!

Don't even get me started on this one. I swear she will go to high school with one of these. OH WELL!!! This is her favorite kind, but in a pinch she will take whatever we've got. It is a SERIOUS addiction!
Everytime she sees her wagon, she squeals. It was a birthday gift and it is still her favorite thing... way better than a stroller! And convenient at the park.
I got Stella this Dora stuffed doll in Las Vegas and it goes almost everywhere with her. It is already getting holes in it. A great investment!!
Her puppies are her favorite toy and they love her too. Sophie loves to give her french kisses, and Stella puckers up for them! As soon as we pull into the garage every day, she says COCO!! COCO!! and she can't wait to chase them around.

Possibly the coolest kid's show EVER. It is a little wacky but it is a lot better than every other kid's show and it really keeps Stella's attention. They have great beats and she dances the whole time she watches it. They also have celeb guests teach "dancey-dances" and bands like the Ting Tings, The Shins, and other indie bands perform. Love it!! "There's a party in my tummy" is the funniest song! You Tube it!

If I think of any more then I will post them... that's all for now!


Cameron housley said...

aww this post made me smile! =) don't forget about her boyfriend deigo... "DEEEE-GOOOOO!" haha i love you guys SO much!! MUAH!

taylor said...

this morning I was flipping through the channels & came across YO GABBA GABBA on Nick. So I stopped and watched it for the last 10 min. I loved it! By far the coolest kids show that I have seen. They sing and dance and really try to get the kids up and interacting. It's a little weird but I can see why kids are intrigued by this show! Love it! I'm missing Stella more than ever too Tay!


Sarah said...

Pat the Bunny is the best! It's one of those weird things you look at and have a flashback of when you were itty bitty.... I swear, that book has been around forever!! I love how she still has her paci!! She's just not ready to grow up... can you blame her?!? See you this week, cant wait!!