Friday, October 10, 2008

Gulley Park

We went to Gulley Park last Saturday to try to soak up some of the last few warm, sunny days we will have for awhile... Stella was in heaven. We took the wagon, of course, and we ran around and played forever. She even went down the slides by herself. About halfway down the slide she realized that it was hot, and she wanted OFF! I don't blame her! Nothing like the burn of the back of your legs sticking to the slide!! I love having a place for her to run free with the puppies!

Trying out some video.... I haven't done this before so this is a trial run. This video is Stella and Anya playing in our backyard with the pups... it is really short. You might need to stop my music player to hear it. Hope it works!

1 comment:

Sandra said...

We are going to the park tomorrow. Maybe you guys will be there. I need to take u up on your offer for a little wine on the backporch!!