Tuesday, September 30, 2008

trick or treat, anyone?

I looked everywhere last weekend for a Halloween costume for Stella and I was really disappointed! They assume your baby will be in arctic cold weather and that they wouldn't mind a fleece hat that resembles a helmet and straps under the chin. They are definitely cute... but we tried several cuddly costumes on Stella and she was having NONE of it. We tried a monkey, a butterfly, a bunny, a teddy bear... they were all fleece lined and furry with the feet, and the hat... she couldn't move!! So I went home, dejected, and on my doorstep was the cheerleading uniform I had ordered a month before. YAY!! And, we have a halloween costume. Thank god! Taylor was about to kill me, dragging him all over town for an outfit for one night. Like I wouldn't do that for myself!! Now all we need to do is take her around on Halloween night to show her off. And get LOTS of candy. For me. :)

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