Thursday, August 7, 2008

We woke up this morning, and we heard a little voice coming through the monitor. We looked up close and saw that Stella was already awake, sitting up in bed. She was looking into the monitor with her finger up to her lips, saying "shhh! shhh!" It was the cutest thing ever. What a sweetheart! Today after I picked Stella up we went by Bella Jack's and scored some sweet sale clothes.... I love the C&C stuff! I also dropped off a pink satin pillowcase to have Lulabelle embroider for her new school.... St. John's Preschool! They need a blankie and pillow for nap time. We can't wait for the new school, but we will really miss Ms. Jan! If anyone knows someone who is looking for infant care, there is a spot opening! Let me know if you know anyone. Have a great day!!


Sarah Greer said...
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Sarah Greer said...

Tay- I accidently removed my first comment, still working on all this!
Stella looks so cute with her Radio Flyer, her outfit matches it! What an angel, yall look so sweet and happy! Hope to see you soon!