Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Other Kids...

Fun at Waffle House!

Here are the pups!
Coco and Sophie
So... I used to be obsessed with my dogs. Yes, of course I still am crazy about them, but ever since Stella came along... well, I am sure you can guess. Has anyone else been like this? It is not how it used to be for them, but I am pretty sure they are ok with it. The pups are by no means forgotten or neglected, but let's just say that those two have not worn their matching Juicy Couture jumpers that I bought in New York for them since, say, about March 6, 2007. I used to obsessively snap pictures of Coco looking at me, head turned to one side, or Sophie, doing "the gummy bear". Now it's Stella, look over here. Stella! STELLA! I am the paparazzi! So I went and got the pups groomed and they looked and felt really cute, so I decided to take a few pictures! They really are cuties! So, I may be a lot busier than I used to be before Stella came along, but at least now they have each other. And Stella, carrying them around and pushing them in the doll stroller. Oh yeah. They LOVE that.


Cameron said...

Hahaha oh my gosh I think this is my favorite post ever!! Cuuute pictures! The dogs look so sweet! And Stella pushing sophie in the stroller... Priceless! I can't wait to see all of you when my life calms down a little... I miss you!! Love you! xoxo

Tara Caire said...

oh Taylor! I am the same way with my little puppy, sadie! She has her own juicy wardrobe and closet!! Drew and I are gonna have to get her a friend before we have kids because she already gets jealous when I hold a baby! Ha! Miss Stella is growing up so fast! Her hair is so blonde now! She us just an absolute doll!