Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bed Time Routine

That's baby, eating my hair. Yummy!
I am tickling her so she will smile for the camera
We are very much in a bed time routine. We all eat dinner, then Stella is off to the bath (or as she says, BAT! BAT!) for some shampooing, conditioning, and splashing. Then out of the bath, running around naked and squealing for about five minutes, then lotion, jammies, brush hair. Then we pile up together and drink some milk (thats right, we STILL have a bottle at night) and watch one of our favorite shows. Right now it's Weeds, Project Runway, Top Gear.... sorry Stella! We can't always watch Dora. This is when these pictures were taken... she can't go to sleep unless she twirls my hair. Ahhh, I love this routine!


Sandra said...

I love the routine. My haircut was great! I love it as always. We for sure have to get the girls together. Have great weekend.

The Browns said...

So sweet!! Claire twirls her hair own hair when she is sleepy...I bet Stella will too as Claire twirled mine as a baby!! Love those sweet girls...

Taylor Claxton said...

I miss sweet Stella so much and the routine!!! ha ha She is getting so big I can't believe how much she is growing and changing and it has only been 3 months! I love you guys and hopefully I will get to make a road trip to Fayetteville soon =)