Friday, July 24, 2009

Lauren Gray Griggs!

Our friends, Bryan and Susan Griggs, just had their sweet little baby girl, Lauren Gray Griggs, unexpectedly early last week! She wasn't getting enough nutrients from the umbilical cord, so they decided to deliver her early. She is doing great! Gray is breathing on her own and she has recently hit the 2 lb. mark. Mom and baby will be in Little Rock for about 8 more weeks. Susan sent Gray's picture with this email:

Bryan and I received our little present very early and unexpectedly on July 10th. Lauren Gray Griggs was born at 4:04 am at a whopping 1 lb., 10 ounces. We are calling her Gray.

She will be here in the NICU in Little Rock for at least 8 weeks, so mom will be living with her in Little Rock until she can come back to Fayetteville. Gray has hit all of her milestones so far, and hasn't even needed breathing equipment. It's a day-by-day process, but she's looking good so far. Even though she's early, she's been the best gift Mom and Dad could ask for. Please keep us in your prayers.


Ashley said...

What a blessing and a precious little baby girl. I just had my baby 7 weeks ago and know how exciting this is for them. I am glad to hear she is safe and healthy and that the mom is well. So precious... and I love the name! Beautiful!

Jennifer T said...

what a cutie! i will keep them in my prayers!

Tara Gibson said...

precious baby girl! I will be praying for this sweet family

love the name! I am partial to Lauren : )