Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Back In Action!

Lynne, Marcy, me, and Cameron enjoying a candlelight card game!
Stella is wearing a vintage snowsuit from Chris Stinson.  How funny is her bum in this picture?

The last week has been a rough one over here at our house.  The week started off with the lovely ICE STORM, which left us without power.  Tay loves to test out his Land Cruiser, so we went running around town.  It was so crazy to see how devastated Fayetteville was from all the ice... it looked like a war zone!  Luckily, we had power most of the week, so we were like a revolving door for all of our friends and family who didn't have power.  The one night we were without, the Stinsons, Marcy, and my sister Cameron all came over.  We drank champagne and played cards.  Taylor had the generator set up, so we had some great music, lamps and candlelight.  It was a great atmosphere!  We had so much fun.  Later that week, though, we all got really sick.  We noticed that Stella had gunk coming out of one of her ears!  It turns out they thought she may have burst one of her eardrums because there was so much fluid on it.  It was terrible!  Then we all got the stomach bug.  It is no fun to be projectile vomited on.  Or the other.  And yes, she did!  UGH!  So when today rolled around, Stella was more than happy to go to school, and I was more than happy to go to work.  We are all ready to be back to the normal routines, back to feeling good again!  


Melissa said...

projectile vomit? YUCK!

Hayden has yet to throw up... I suppose he will one day but I certainly am not looking forward to it!

I am glad y'all are feeling better and you survived the ice storm!...

Tara Gibson said...

gosh i couldnt believe the damage either! Glad you guys are feeling better and are warm.

Meredith said...

So glad you guys are feeling better! Looks like y'all made the best of the ice storm. See ya next week:)!