Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deer and Gnomes... Daddy's favorites

Daddy killed a "white tail buck deer munchin' on clover!" (in the words of Alabama) It was an 8 point buck!  He is over the moon.  

Well I don't know if it is a secret, but Taylor LOVES gnomes.  Really, really loves them.  They are hidden everywhere around our house. The other day, I was looking online to find a pattern to knit Stella a little gnome hat, but I couldn't find a good one.  We ended up watching The Golden Compass and I fell in love with Lyra's uber-chunky knit hat.  I had to have it!  So I whipped one up... I think it turned out pretty cute!  And it was way easy compared to a normal stocking cap.  Love it!  

I hope the deer picture didn't offend anyone... Tay was just so excited that I had to post it.  He had his dad and brothers come over to... um... clean it?  Gross.  Whatever makes them happy! Sorry, Bambi!  Stella saw it and kept saying, Reindeer!!  She didn't see anything gross, don't worry.  Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! xoxo

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Tara Gibson said...

love the hat taylor! I think you need to make your favorite hair client one like you had on when you last cut my hair : )