Sunday, November 2, 2008


Taylor hand carved these pumpkins!
trick-or-treating and enjoying the treats

tutus don't fit well in carseats!

Anya and Stella at Tim's after trick-or treating on the square

"Bill and Sookie Stackhouse" haha


We had a really big day on Friday. We ended up wearing the bumblebee costume all day because Stella decided she didn't feel like being a cheerleader... and what the Queen wants, the Queen gets! I took her to school that morning for a Halloween party. All the kids and the teachers dressed up and they painted pumpkins, frosted cookies and played in a blow up jump zone thing. Then, after a nap, I took her to the square to trick or treat, where we met up with Addie and Anya (who was a flower girl after throwing a fit about the Princess Leia costume) and Loryn and Olivia (who was a pumpkin). It was so crowded so we skirted around the edges and then went to Tim's pizza. After that, we went to my parents' house in Rogers, where we met Taylor's parents. We trick-or-treated there and then had chili and answered the door to the other little ghouls and goblins in the neighborhood. It was so funny! Taylor and I were Bill (a vampire) and Sookie from the HBO show True Blood. We love the show, and it was all I could do to get Taylor in any type of costume at all. I think we turned out pretty good! Stella was exhausted from coming down off of her sugar rush and slept late the next day!


Melissa said...

Looks like you all had a great time and Stella looks absolutely adorable!!!

Lynne Stinson said...

The blog looks will definately have to show me how to pretty up my blog!!

Sorry we were home bodies this weekend...looks like we missed out on a good time!!

Rachel said...

Stella is too cute!!

BTW - Thanks for helping Tara out - it means so much to us right now!! =)