Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

We spent the first part of mother's day out at the Roaring River in Missouri. It was a beautiful day, but a bit windy. We cooked out and laid around in the sun. Stella was all over the place, chasing after the Baggo beanbags and touching the fish that her daddy caught fly fishing. I also tried fly fishing for the first time... it was so hard! Taylor gave me a beautiful little gold necklace with a bumblebee on it ( for you know who) and then we rounded out the day with dinner at bonefish. It was a wonderful day!! I am so lucky! I am so thankful for my mom and Tay's mom, who we got to spend the day with as well. They do things for me every day, not just on mothers day. Have a good day, everyone!!! xoxo

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