Thursday, May 22, 2008

Concert in Gulley Park

Tonight we went to Gulley Park to see Ultrasuede play all of our funky old school favorites with Addie, Anya, Dana, Rhett, Amber and Isabel. We loaded up the Radio Flyer and trucked it from our car to a prime location in front of the band. The girls ate tons of snacks and us mommies sipped on a little chardonnay we snuck in (shhh don't tell!) We also hung out with Seth, Laura and Kohnly, Courtney and Mac, Sandra and Sarah Wesley, Brook and Grayson, and Lisa and Trenton. Stella was a little socialite as usual, making rounds at all of the blankets with babies or kids, scavenging for snacks or cell phones to swipe. We all had so much fun! I can't wait until the next one. See you guys there! xoxo


Sandra said...

We had so much fun! It was our first concert in the park. SW had a great time. Have a great Memorial Weekend.

Anonymous said...

i can't belive we missed you all!!!!! we were front row on the dance time we need to get our blankets together!!!!