Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday we went to grammy's house and Stella was toddling around as usual, but she fell face first into the wood and metal coffee table! She was so upset! We were worried that she may have broken it, but the swelling went down pretty quick. Poor baby! Last Thursday we ran into Kate and Liza, Amber and Cy, and Meredith (and baby Cole Crews, coming soon!!) at U.S. Pizza, and we took a little pic. Stella and Liza were checking each other out! Liza also had some rockin leggings on. We need to get those tinies together more often!

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Kate said...

haha!!!!!! i'm still cracking up at those pics!!!! i was glad we got to see you guys!!!! they need some one on one soon!!!! :)
stell looked adorable as usual!!! :)you two are so cute! :)