Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Birthday

Today is March 6th, and Stella turned one year old today! I made her the tutu she has on, and Chris and Lynne gave her the little Trumpette birthday cake hat. It was a good day.... she had a party at "school" with goodie bags, cupcakes and balloons, then we made spaghetti and had cake. Sugar overload! She was asleep by 7:30. We are saving all of our energy for Saturday's bumblebee party! By the way, my friend Addie sent flowers to me today, wishing me a happy "birth" day as well. What a treat! I guess in a way I did have a lot to do with it!! Thank you to everyone who has been around for Stella's first year. Love to everyone!


Lynne Stinson said...

So darn cute!! Glad to hear the day went well and can't wait for the party!!

Kate said...