Friday, September 4, 2009


tasting and mixing

what was left of the final product!

On Wednesday night, we had a cupcake making party (well, party with mommy, daddy, and Stella) and we had so much fun! Stella is really into helping out around the house, so we pulled up a chair so she could work on the counter top next to me. She loved stirring the batter! She held the mixer and put the baking cups into the cupcake pans. She even tried to help me fill the baking cups, but most of the batter went from her spoon into her mouth! After the cupcakes were baked, we frosted them (did you know they make frosting in a can like whipped cream? Amazing! So smart!) and Stella was the "Sprinkle Station"... which most of the sprinkles she was shoveling into her mouth as fast as she could! While we made our cupcakes, daddy recovered a vintage bench seat with a gorgeous fabric. He even did the metal studs around the edges. So fabulous! I love cozy nights with my family! The next day we took the cupcakes to Stella's school, which I heard were a huge hit! It's easy to impress little kids! I love it!


Jennifer T said...

adorable pics!! she is so cute :)

Tara Gibson said...

awww this is precious!

writing4612 said...

Yum! I loved helping my grandmother in the kitchen when I was little.