Friday, August 21, 2009

Gulley Park Concert

A few weeks ago, we went to see Full House at Gulley Park. Stella didn't last long, but between fresh squeezed lemonade, pizza, barbeque, and various random dogs (and birds) we managed to hang out for a little while. We even got a little dancing in! Stella was very into the music... but she was way more into feeding popcorn to the birds!

We finally had the I Heart John Ray fundraiser last Thursday... I have given myself a much-needed break from the internet. I will have pictures very soon to show off all of the hard work! We ended up raising well over $10,000, which was a HUGE success!! Thanks for all of the help and support!

Have a GREAT weekend!


In this wonderful life... said...

that sounds like a lot of fun at the park! and yay for the fundraiser going good!!!!

alyssa said...

hey girlie!! it was great meeting you at amy's bday!!