Monday, March 2, 2009

Sassy Britches!

Stella has always been a sassy one, but lately she has figured out how to get what she wants with a well-delivered doe eye or crocodile tear.  She is so cute when she does it, you can't help but give her what she wants.  Lately she has been doing this hilarious thing where she points at you and gives you a stern look... along with a "NO!" or "Look at me!"  It is hilarious!  See picture above!  She has also figured out how to go to the corner and pout.  It is definitely more enjoyable than a temper tantrum, even though we definitely still have those, too.  
Stella's friend Ella was the last tiny in her class to still have a paci (besides Stella, of course)  Her mom, Jennifer, called me today and told me that they finally took the paci away from Ella.  So that means.... we have to do it, too!  Since they are in the same class, they always fought over paci's.  I am glad to get rid of the thing, but I am really nervous about how tonight is going to go.  I just cut the end of her paci off and gave it to her.  She looked at it and was like, "what the ??"  So she has cried about it a little, but not too bad... yet.  We'll see how tonight goes.  Wish us luck!


Melissa said...

Good luck with the paci situation!

I can't relate: Hayden never got into the paci...

But I do wish you all the best in getting rid of the paci!

Tara Gibson said...

good luck girl!! She is so sassy! : )