Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm BACK!!

So.... I have been a terrible blogger for the past few weeks. I will admit that I am both lazy and busy during the summer, but I still have a good excuse. I lost my camera right after that last Swim Ranch post. I was devastated!! I tore the house apart looking for it, and Taylor was getting realllllllly tired of hearing me whine and moan about it. But yesterday at work my dad, mom, and Cameron came by the shop with a little surprise for me..... A NEW CAMERA!!! Love it!! It was the most fabulous gift! It is a Sony CyberShot 10.1! So I am back in action. I promise to do better with the posting. Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo Taylor

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The Evins said...

Yeah I am so glad. Your little girl is just too cute!! Congrats on the new camera