Thursday, June 5, 2008


This little tiny really loves accessories. Like you didn't already know that. Her new favorite thing is sunglasses. Every time I put on a pair, she points and starts giggling like I am playing a game with her. Or maybe she just thinks I look funny, I don't know! But I always get a kick out of that little laugh. It is so sweet and contagious. Anyway, I tried to give her some of her own but she wants the good stuff, the designers. Typical! I am going to have to send her over to the Buell's for some tiny ray bans (Allison, are you reading this??) Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts..... xoxo


The Browns said...

Hey Taylor!! This is Rachel, Tara and Nicole's sister. Tara directed me to your blog, so CUTE!! Stella is a doll!! I have a blog too and I have linked yours from mine!! She is so sweet...Rachel

taralauren24 said...

Taylor!! Your blog is the cutest! Stella is so adorable! She is a "tiny" fashionista!