Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This weekend we went down to the square and Dickson St. for a little Springfest and Farmer's market! The weather was absolutely beautiful. Daddy went kayaking while we went with the Brezinski's to the Smokehouse for breakfast, then on to the square, then down to the festival. It was a long day, but a fun one! We got to see lots of fun things and stella ate her first corndog. She loved it... but what's not to like about a corndog! She fell asleep halfway through. We also stopped at Common Grounds for refreshments, you can see she was "reading" the menu. She went with the cheese dip! It was a great day!! We both needed a nap afterward! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Loving her eating the corndog! So cute! Thanks for fixing Logan up too! Paige

Kate said...

oh my gosh!!!! taylor! this is some good posting! :) love the corn dog pics and the birthday pics are awsome!!!!!!!! sooo cute!
i think i'm coming to see you next week so i will be looking at the album! :)